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  • Latricia on 2016-May-09 19:57:27 Latricia said

    It took me an hour to find the info, but I find this tally on the dem side intersting. (Feb 5 primaries stats courtesy of CNN).Total votes counted (as of midday) 14,645,638 Clinton 7,295,400 (50.2 %)Obama 7,295,400 (49.8 %)Clinton has 1 pledged delegate more, but she has a big jump when you include sueprdelagates. We are less than half way thru the process 1,574 delegates awarded of 4,049. We all have our opinions about what we HOPE will happen, but if anyone thinks they KNOW, they must be looking at numbers I have not seen.This race is still up for grabs.

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